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Vanceva Colour Interlayers

Vanceva Colour Interlayers

Renè Turck and Associates is a Vanceva partner and has been delivering the range of colour interlayers to the market for the past four years. Vanceva Colour Interlayers make it possible to redefine the meaning of colour in glass. The coloured PVB Interlayers, when combined, offer a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours to the consumer.

Benefits of using the Vanceva range include:

  • Safety glazing
  • Security
  • UV Protection
  • Solar Control
  • Sound insulation

Renè Turck offers the following colours from the Vanceva range:

  • Vanceva Coral Rose
  • Vanceva Ruby Red
  • Vanceva Deep Red
  • Vanceva Tangerine
  • Vanceva Sahara Sun
  • Vanceva Golden Light
  • Vanceva Sapphire Blue
  • Vanceva True Blue
  • Vanceva Evening Shadow
  • Vanceva Arctic Snow
  • Vanceva Polar White
  • Vanceva Cool White
  • Vanceva Aquamarine
  • Vanceva Smoke Grey


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