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LUCIENT – Decorative Glass Laminate

Rene Turck and fritzrauch ds, a leading design innovation consultancy, developed LUCIENT - a product range consisting of three variations of the same technology. LUCIENT is a new and innovative glass laminate collection that allows one the capability of creating new and imaginative design spaces for your home and office. It employs a laminating process which comprises of material lamination with PVB (Polyvinylbutyral adhesive bond) between sheets of glass. It becomes more than a dividing line between living areas, but rather an added feature that enhances and transforms an inspired living space.

The purpose of our design is to effectively present the material and technology to interior designers, architects and other design professions and highlight the vast amount of benefits to the range of materials. For the launch edition, we chose carbon fibre, colour fast cotton and a fine copper mesh, each being distinct enough to display the variety of possibilities.

Our vision for the LUCIENT sample packaging, is to enhance and communicate the quality and application of the new technology, while leaving room for imagination. Designers, architects or clients can then request their own materials, which can then be tested and approved by Rene Turck for production, resulting in a truly
unique design solution.

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