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Bullet Resistant Glass

bullet resistant glass

The Renegade line of bullet–resistant glass has been designed and engineered using the latest technology, as well as experience gleaned from over 30 years in the industry. The company offers expert advice on the correct use of bullet resistant glass, including customisation and matching the best product to a specific application.

Renegade bullet resistant glass products are manufactured using polycarbonates, glass, and additional advanced polymers. The maximum size manufactured is 1,7m x 4m.

Bullet Resistant Glass Product

  • 28.14mm Renegade BRG
  • 38.9mm Renegade BRG
  • 51.28mm Renegade BRG
  • 52.9mm Renegade BRG
  • 78.8mm Renegade BRG

Quality & Testing of Bullet Resistant Glass

Renegade Bullet Resistant Products meet all South African quality and safety standards. RTA has met and exceeded European, British and American ballistic standards and acquired the NATO accreditation in 2012. (Stanag 4569) Offering customized solutions according to any BRG application is an imperative at RTA.

For more information about the Renegade Bullet Resistant Glass range, or its application, please contact us

For a list of our ballistic test standards, please click here

Composite Make Up of bullet resistant glass

bullet proof glass

This sophisticated product range is lightweight, thin, and effective in applications and effective in applications where enhanced performance and weight reduction is of paramount importance. Composite glass constructions feature a combination of polycarbonate, acrylic, PET, and enhanced performing PVB Interlayers. No spall and increased ballistic/anti vandal properties ensure superior performance consistently.

Products can be customised according to application and deliver superior bullet and bomb resistance, high security glazing and hurricane resistance.

Features of bullet resistant glass:

  • Improved ballistic performance
  • Enhanced safety and security
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Lightweight features

The quality standards of the composite glass range are ISO 9001 compliant. The range undergoes continuous testing by the SABS and major defence organisations.



The onslaught pertaining to this glass assault was relentless and it is only our commitment to embracing the latest technological advancements in composite materials, Ionplast, EVA, TPU's and PVB that we were able to achieve this astounding result.

Protecting the citizens of South Africa, Africa and those that protect us is RTA's core passion and resolve.



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